VPS Cloud Server Hosting in Pakistan

What is a Virtual Private Server?

VPS is commonly known as Virtual Private Server, it is a virtual machine sold as service by a web hosting service provider. It’s specialty is that it runs its on separate copy of an operating system (OS) and usually customer have superuser-level access in such type of web hosting and you can install almost any kind of softwares and applications which your website, software or application needs to run properly. VPS hosting has more powerful hardware, as in it a physical machine is divided into several virtual components, and operating system or server software is setup on them separately, thus making each unit capable of functioning independently. For most of people it is a source of confusion, who are looking for web host to bring their website or application online, so the easiest way to understand a vps is, we can say it is a hybrid of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Virtual Private Servers are different from the dedicated servers in this way instead of running single website on a server or computer, in VPS the space of server is divided into different parts, and a separate server software is installed on each unit of server, and in this way a server is divided into many virtual private servers. You can also buy cheap PK Domain from our company, as we are one of the top reseller of PKNIC.

VPS Hosting in Pakistan

Virtual Server Hosting in Pakistan

Virtual Private Server could be your best option if you want to be admin of your own data, in this way you will have full control on your data, your website speed will boost, and your data will be more secured. If you are fed up of shared hosting, then may be it is the time for you to give powers of dedicated server to your website in the form of VPS, you can lease a VPS in Pakistan and install your desired operating system and applications in it with custom configuration. If you want to host any application or software online and need specific addons and extensions to be installed in the server, then you cant do it on shared web hosting package, because web hosting companies don’t allow clients to install operation system or addons which they need, so the only solution is, you need a dedicated server, but if you cant afford it, then you can enjoy benefits of dedicated server in less money in the form of VPS Hosting in Pakistan. It is same like your shared hosting, but in it you have complete control on the server, and all the essential softwares which are compulsory to make an application online such as Apache, PHP, Perl and MySQL are per-installed in the server. VPS hosting is also of prime importance for you if you are a web designing or development company or if you are doing app development business. If you are running a web hosting business, or have small number of clients, then Virtual Private Server is your best option to boost your business, in this way you have complete control on the server, and you can manage your clients accounts in a more effective way, and you can install extra addons, extensions and applications on clients requirements, in this way you can give more services and earn more every month. Keeping in view all the needs of modern IT companies, we have created some VPS plans in Pakistan, you can choose any plan which fits best with your needs, and you can upgrade your VPS plan anytime without any issue.

VPS Hosting in Pakistan

We are one of the best VPS hosting company in Pakistan, which is providing complete virtualization solutions. You can order any operating system for your VPS, and we will install it on your demand. Mostly people use Linux and Windows based VPS servers. In addition of Linux and Windows, we can also install Debian 7, Centos 7, Ubuntu 14.04, Windows 2012 R2, Cern Linux, Funtoo, Gentoo Linux, Openwall, Archlinux, Altlinux, Suse, Scientific, Fedora, Slackware and Open Suse etc operating system on your virtual private machine.

VPS Server in Pakistan

Linux VPS Server in Pakistan

If you have a company website, online store, eCommerce website, application or software which is build in PHP language and needs extra resources or extensions to work properly and efficiently, then Linux Virtual Private Server could be your best choice. Most of the websites on the internet are running on Linux operating system. So Linux Vps is cost effective and best fit for you if you don’t want to buy yet a dedicated server. So get experience of dedicated hosting by choosing any of the VPS hosting plan, and grow your business more rapidly in the market. You will enjoy all the benefits of dedicated server with more security and powerful hardware and complete control on all functions and software. Our servers are located in the most secured data centers of world which are located in Canada and USA. We can also provide you VPS and dedicated servers located in UAE and Pakistan Bases on your demand. All our vps plans includes your separate operating system, cPanel, root access, guaranteed uptime and other system options. We offer both managed and unmanaged cloud vps solutions, so if you have technical knowledge of dedicated server, then you can manage your own vps. You can install and run your own or client’s required applications in your machine. We are offering cheap vps hosting in Pakistan in very affordable prices. You can also configure your machine yourself or just talk with our sale representative and tell us what is your requirement and we can give you customized virtualization solutions in your budget range.

Cloud VPS Hosting

We are providing most advanced and upgraded Virtual Private Server in Pakistan. We can provide you with custom solutions, although we have created already many vps plans which have small to large specifications of ram, bandwidth, disk space and CPU Cores, but still we can virtualize your machine as per your required specs to give you cheapest vps hosting in Pakistan. You can choose any operating system from Linux or windows based, and you can also tell us if you need Pakistan, USA, UAE or Canada based vps server. We are one of the top web hosting company because our servers are fully secured and have most advanced and powerful hardware, DDOS protection, redundant networking, IPV6 and IPV4 support. We provide VPS Custom configuration in according to your needs and we offer wide range of available operating systems. Our technical support team is very professional ans experienced and can give you fast delivery of your required vps. You can contact us from any part of country. Our services are available in all cities of Pakistan and across all world wide.